Product Care

Cleaning Leather:

  • To effectively remove the first dirt and dust from your leather item, start by using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Cover the entire surface of the leather with a suitable leather cleaner or saddle soap.
  • Make sure the cleaner penetrates and thoroughly cleans the leather by using the same soft-bristled brush to gently work it into the leather.
  • Before proceeding to the polishing step, let the leather dry for about twenty minutes.

Cleaning Suede:

After each use, employ a suede brush to gently brush your shoes. This not only rejuvenates the suede but also eliminates any accumulated dirt.

Polishing and Conditioning: 

Think of conditioning as a moisturizing step for your shoes because they might get dry over time. Use a soft cloth, dab on a tiny bit of conditioner, and wipe the shoe all over in a gentle circular motion to avoid creases and flaking.

Opt for a polish that complements the hue of your shoes. We advise applying a beeswax polish with lanolin as the basis, as it softens and protects the leather.

Use a clean, soft cloth to carefully wipe off any excess polish after application. Using a cotton towel, polish the shoe until it gleams brilliantly. Your shoes will be protected and restored with the aid of this procedure.

Proper Shoe Storage

As soon as you get home, put butter paper in the toe of your boots and immediately hang them from a shoe tree.

By regularly utilizing a shoe tree, you can significantly lower the likelihood of shrinkage and ugly wrinkles while still preserving the natural shape of your shoes.