About us

Established in 2003, Catarina Martins has been an exclusive getaway to a world of meticulously handcrafted boots, where artistry thrives in the minutiae of every pair. Our artisans, driven by boundless passion and expertise, invest their hearts and hands into each boot's creation. Every stitch, every cut, every finish speaks volumes of their unwavering dedication, ensuring your journey is not just about unmatched comfort but an embodiment of elegance and character.

We remain resolute in our commitment to preserve the timeless traditions of boot-making, passed down through generations. Embracing these venerable techniques is the bedrock of our craftsmanship, ensuring a standard of excellence that knows no equal. Carefully sourced, the finest leathers, suede, and premium materials come together to form boots that harmonize the rich tapestry of tradition and the innovative spirit of our brand.

Rigorous quality control is the final checkpoint for each boot that departs from our workshop. We uphold exacting standards to ensure that every product meets our criteria for excellence. Our dedication to quality isn't limited to craftsmanship alone; it extends to our unwavering promise of sustainability and ethical production practices.