Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We acknowledge the paramount importance of protecting your personal data, irrespective of its characteristics. Our commitment to honesty and transparency is unwavering, as we endeavor to establish a resilient and long-lasting connection with our customers, rooted in trust and mutual gain.

Our Privacy Policy, outlined below, delineates the conditions governing the processing of personal data at CATARINA MARTINS. This encompasses all personal data acquired through our website,, as well as any other data processed during the course of our business operations.

CATARINA MARTINS gathers the subsequent personal data for the specified purposes outlined below:

  1. When you make a purchase on this website, we collect your personal data (such as your email address, delivery address, credit card number, and telephone number) solely for the purposes of selling, sorting, and delivering the products you have ordered.

  2. If you request assistance from our Customer Support, we gather your personal data (including your first and last name, email address) exclusively to provide you with relevant Customer Support services for online store and to assist with the specific support you require.

  3. When you register, we gather your personal data (name, email address, and address) to simplify the process of preparing your future orders.

  4. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect your email address to offer you this service.

  5. We collect cookies when you visit our site. Depending on how you manage cookies on our site and your interactions with us, we use certain information collected by cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the site. This includes optimizing content display, remembering your cart, registration details, adjusting screen resolution, and enhancing our offerings, among other things. This data encompasses registration details, location, session duration, selected products, device information, browser details, and your IP address. You have the option to manage your cookie preferences in your Customer Area on our website.

  6. While you browse our site, and subsequently visit platforms that display advertising (such as social networks, Google, and their affiliated partners), you may encounter advertisements related to our brand. Additionally, we utilize this data to reach potential new customers who may have an interest in our products.

For how long do we keep your data?

CATARINA MARTINS retains your personal data as described in this document for the duration necessary to fulfill the stated purposes, unless the specific personal data is required to demonstrate compliance with obligations, in which case it will be retained until the expiration of the relevant rights or any longer data retention period mandated by applicable law.

Once your personal data is no longer essential, it will either be deleted from our systems and records or anonymized to the extent that it can no longer identify you.